Getting Started with AAC: Using Low Tech Symbol Based Systems with Children

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The aim of this resource is to introduce you to low tech symbol based AAC to enable you to support children who can’t rely on speech to communicate to the best of their ability. Through communication we can express ourselves, learn, have fun, and be active members of society.

There is a lot of emphasis on communication partner skills in this resource. That is because communication does not happen in isolation – it’s a social act involving two or more people. The person who is communicating with the child who cannot rely on speech needs to develop a range of skills that will enable them to support that child to fulfil their potential.

Please note that this resource is not suggesting that low tech is ‘best’, or that low tech is a prerequisite to a more high tech communication aid. It is simply about valuing the role of paper based communication systems, and sharing lots of ideas and strategies to help develop and support them. You may well find that many of the ideas and strategies are useful when it comes to other forms of communication too.

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